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"I believe everyone has a goal, that if achieved, would change their life." -- Robin Tefft

Feeling A Little Stuck?

There are two reasons people don't reach their goals:

You don't know what to do to reach it OR

You know what to do but can't get started.

But what if you did start? What if you actually reached that goal?

Think about what that would change in your life.

Take a second or two and feel how that would FEEL!!!

Amazing, right?!

But what happens if you don't get moving toward your goal?

You stay right where you are. Stuck.

Maybe the "what ifs" continue to keep you up at night.

If you don't change careers, maybe you lose valuable time with your family.

If you don't lose the weight, maybe it's not possible to play with your kids or grandkids.

If you don't repair your relationship, you'll live with that loss for the rest of your life.

If you don't at least make a real attempt at your goal just're going to deprive yourself and so many others of so much. You'll continue to be stuck.

That's where I'm going to help. 

In this program, we'll:

  • Define and refine your goal: We'll make it SPECIFIC instead of vague
  • Uncover Your True Motivation: (This is KEY because motivation drives us-- and I know your motivation is deeper than you think. This program is worth it JUST for this profound process)
  • Determine the Capabilities you need to learn or acquire to get to your goal
  • Identify Obstacles and learn HOW to overcome them
  • Map the Plan to Achieve Your Goal

"In just 6 weeks, I have noticed a big shift in my own thinking, and am feeling more positive and confident about my own future and what I believe I can achieve in my own life. I would highly and most definitely recommend having Robin as a life coach." - Deborah

"Robin is simply amazing! She helped me get unstuck and have the confidence I needed to push to my goal. Thank you, Robin!" ---Amanda

"Robin is helping me through life and actually doing life with me. The first exercise we did made me see things I was doing in a new light. And set a new fire within me." -- Wanda

Impossible to Inevitable

Taking Your Goal from Impossible to Inevitable

One-On-One Coaching

Let’s be clear. This is NOT a program where I send you a bunch of video modules for you to watch on your own. This is up close and personal! You'll be coached, one-on-one, by me, once a week, for 16 weeks. I will take you through the process of defining your goal, uncovering your true motivation behind this goal and we'll figure out what roadblocks are standing in your way and overcome them together.

Monthly Masterminds

What is a "Mastermind" anyway? Simply put, it's when a group comes together and forms another "mind." It takes the knowledge and experience of everyone in the group and uses it for everyone's benefit. The ideas and solutions and encouragement that come from a Mastermind are amazing. We'll also have a guest coach if the goals of the group warrent. 

Private Group

I believe support, encouragement and community are so important. I also think surrounding yourself with like-minded people makes all the difference in the world when you're stepping out and pushing boundaries.

Apply Now!

This is a 3 minute video I did for Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi telling my story. If you want to learn a little about who you'll be working with, this is me!

The spot of transformation for Robin Tefft

You Might Be Wondering...

Who this program is for?

This program is for women who want to reach that elusive goal...whether it involves your career, relationship, finances, health, or personal development

Who ISN'T this program for?

This program is NOT for people who don't want to do the work or invest in themselves. If you're not willing to fully commit towards making a change in your life by reaching a goal, this isn't for you.

What can I expect?

I'm glad you asked! You can expect to learn and grow every week. You can expect to have your way of doing things challenged (after all, you would have reached your goal already if you were doing all the right things...). You can expect to be supported and encouraged and celebrated.

Is the application process complicated?

Not at all. It's just a few questions about you and the goal you want to reach. I'm looking for 10 highly motivated people who will inspire each other.

Ready to Get Started?

It's all up to you. Do you want that goal? Are you finally willing to do something about it?

Let's go...


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You're not ready to actually apply for this thing yet, are you? That's OK! How about I give you access to part of a 3-Day Challenge I did a few weeks back so you can really see a little of what I do? This exercise is called the Wheel of Life. Just click below to see it.

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